Visual Communications

Visual Communications

Microsoft initiated a brand awareness campaign for the Microsoft ATO platform, introducing offline learning capabilities and non-accredited certifications. The platform provided a diverse mix of technical and soft skills content, catering to different audiences. Empowering learners with comprehensive knowledge and essential competencies was the goal.

We were entrusted with the task of creating an impactful and engaging campaign to generate awareness and excitement for the launch of the new skilling platform. Our team took charge of the creative execution, bringing innovative ideas to life and capturing the essence of the platform’s offerings.


Through our campaign, Microsoft was able to gain significant user numbers on their skilling platform for Africa. They are now recognised as an educator and a facilitator for a variety of tech skills. This now places them firmly among their competitors and positions them as the go to library for all things tech.



Soraya Mugambi

Design Lead:

Owen Otieno